Automating the human process of gathering information from websites.

Sometimes there just isn't a webapi available and so information has to be gathered using human focused interfaces ie websites.

Wesabe is an open-source script based engine that automates the human steps required to access information and gather it into a clean JSON based structure.  
This data can then be posted to mydigitalstructure for use by the enterprise.

Wesabe is a beautifully elegant engine that works as an agent of REST - creating informal HTML based REST interfaces (webapi's) on the fly, including authentication and hyper-media navigation.

Wesabe makes an imperfect information world a little more structured and makes it a lot easier for other more formal information structures to engage with information help with-in them.

Thanks to Marc & Jason the founders or Wesabe.

mydigitalstructure & Wesabe

Wesabe can be used in any implementation that requires repetitive information input into mydigitalstructure, that would typically be done by a human gathering information from a website.

The Websabe engine is not part of the mydigitalstructure platform - to use it as a developer or system integrator, you would need to host run it on a Linux service (eg AWS, Azure) and configure and manage it yourself.

After gathering the information from the website as json structured file, that data can be posted to mydigitalstructure for storage and processing.

A typical use case for Wesabe is to gather information from a financial instibution - in this case to accept the json data and process it against existing mappings you would use:



More information:

Special Note:

Extra special thanks to the guys at Wesabe that made this open source.

 Wesabe on Github